Biogas Upgrading Modules

Small and Medium Scale

NeoZeo offers Biogas Upgrading Modules for small and medium-sized businesses, small towns with sewage treatment plants and agricultural enterprises for upgrading biogas to biomethane. Our extensive research background on porous materials and expertise has allowed us to design state-of-the-art biogas upgrading systems.

Biomethane is suitable for fuelling Natural Gas Vehicles or injection into the gas grid. Biomethane can be compressed into high-pressure storage cylinders as BIO-CNG, Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) or Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and is a portable renewable fuel with similar properties to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).


Please contact us to discuss the estimated capital and operational costs of our Biogas Upgrading Modules based on raw biogas composition and possible financing solutions to supplement the biogas upgrading cost.

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For further information on how NeoZeo could support your biogas upgrading projects, please download our company slides and brochure.


About NeoZeo

NeoZeo is a technology company focusing on the design and construction of biogas upgrading systems. We work with the results of technological and scientific innovation to achieve the best quality and efficient method for biogas upgrading to vehicle fuel standards and grid injection. Our biogas upgrading plant is modular and designed to fit into your desired footprint.

The module is based on Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology and incorporates novel adsorbents for improved cost and operational efficiency. The combination of these technologies allow us to offer high-quality cost-efficient Biogas Upgrading modules for small- and medium-scale enterprises, e.g. farms and towns, with raw biogas flows ranging from 10 Nm3/h to 200 Nm3/h for one module. Moreover, larger biogas flows can also be upgraded using NeoZeo' biogas upgrading technology using design on a skid or utilizing more than one biogas upgrading plant.

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